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Vegan and Fashion Readings

I’m a reading person, both online and on paper. Which gave me an idea: to compile the readings about fashion I would recommend.

This page is intended to be updated from time to time, in the course of my findings. I would also love you to tell me in the comments what you would add to this list!


> Vegan Style: Your plant-based guide to fashion + beauty + home + travel by Sascha Camilli

The vegan blogger launched her book in July 2019, and I am fortunate enough to have a signed copy of it. But I shouldn’t call it a “book”: it’s actually an encyclopaedia for vegan fashion enthusiasts, especially for those still struggling (like myself, I have to say) with adopting a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. And it covers all aspects of it:

  • the wardrobe, with its “top ten items”, but also bags and shoes;

  • homeware and home care products;

  • beauty;

  • travel;

  • a list of designers to watch closely;

  • a men’s section;

  • a FAQ, addressing many questions such as where to shop vegan fashion online, which materials to choose, ethical issues, and so on;a wrapping-up about how to veganise your life, little by little.

This guide is really extensive, with many ideas, tips, explanations, beautiful photos, interesting interviews, and a writing style both clear and punchy.

In a word: a must-read!

Websites and Blogs

Plant-based news

This is an online resource about the latest vegan news in all its aspects. It is clearly categorized on the left panel, and includes - of course - a “fashion” section. I enjoy their weekly newsletter, which reflects their comprehensive website. With articles always up-to-date, this is my go-to website for the latest news!


This online magazine is aptly named: indeed, it’s a key website for everything related to vegan business news. Although most of its articles are about vegan food, it has a “fashion & beauty” section that is worth consulting.

Vilda Magazine

Sascha Camilli’s digital vegan magazine focuses on vegan fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle (much like her book). In my opinion, this is the online vegan counterpart of traditional fashion magazines.

If you enjoy this blog, you will certainly like the Vegan Style book (see above).

Style with a Smile

My personal latest finding. This blog by Noa Ben-Moshe is centred on vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Thumbs up for her Instagram account, which complements neatly her blog.

P.S. this is a trilingual blog (English, Hebrew and Spanish)!

Other resources

There are other resources I like to check from time to time but aren’t centred on veganism.

Pebble magazine

This online magazine assumes an ethical/eco-friendly point of view. Some of their articles present fashion brands, unfortunately not all of them are vegan.

Common Objective

This platform, created by the people behind the Ethical Fashion Forum, is about helping fashion businesses turning sustainable. Here again, cruelty-free fashion is not the main objective. Yet, I would recommend giving it a try and creating a free account: indeed, it will take into consideration the preferences you entered to show you only the articles which match those, a system well thought out. Its other advantage is to make it easy to connect with other businesses, again according to your preferences.

Luxiders Magazine

This online lifestyle magazine, available in English, German and Spanish, adopts an ecological and ethical point of view (not vegan-centred), with a focus on luxury brands and independent designers (where its strength lie, in my opinion). They have of course a “fashion” section.

Eluxe Magazine

In the same way as the Luxiders Magazine, this online magazine takes an ecological and sustainable approach, but offers also vegan-focused articles, which is for sure a plus. Note that Noa Ben-Moshe (the blogger behind Style with a Smile, see above) is one of their writers.

Fashion Network

This online magazine deals exclusively with fashion. Its editorial policy is neither sustainable nor vegan, but it has the advantage of being a major multilingual website. For my part, I enjoy having the opportunity to check news in the fashion industry by country/language (this is my thing, after all!). The main drawback: it seems like for some countries, you have to be a fashion professional to receive the newsletter and/or create an account (for my part, it didn’t work on the UK-English, US-English and Italian websites, although it works perfectly on the French version).

What about you? Which are the books and websites you would suggest reading? Let me know in the comments :-)


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