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Vegan business news: a list of media to stay up date

Vegan business news: a list of media to stay up date (Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)
Vegan business news: a list of media to stay up date (Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)

Today we will look at some websites I regularly check to stay up to date about the vegan business world, and I will share a few tips on how I personally handle all of the information we can find online.


Vegan Food and Living

Based in the UK, Vegan Food and Living is a website and a magazine. It focuses on vegan food and recipes, but it also has a lifestyle section.


Plant-based news

PBN is an online resource about the latest vegan news in all sectors. This website is clear to browse, with its left panel showing all the categories available. I enjoy their newsletters (twice a week), which reflect their comprehensive website.



This online magazine is aptly named: indeed, it’s a key website for everything related to all vegan business news. You can sort news by region (Europe, North America and Asia) or by sector. They also send two newsletters a week, in order not to miss any big news.


Vegconomist's homepage
Vegconomist's homepage

Vegan business media

Hosted by Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media offers business-focus information for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs. The most important content on this website? Its blog and podcast.



Plantbased Business Hour

Plant-based News also features the PBN podcast, with interviews of vegans of all backgrounds.


Plantbased Business Hour

Featured on Vegconomist, this podcast by Elisabeth Alfano airs live twice a week on her LinkedIn page.

You can find all previous podcasts here:


Vegan Business Talk

As mentioned above, this podcast can be found on the Vegan Business Media website. In this weekly podcast, Katrina Fox interviews vegan business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe.



Vegan Women’s Leadership Network

Created by Katrina Fox (this woman is everywhere!), this is a community of plant-based women, for plant-based women. It has recently launched, so you can easily catch up on their podcast. But you need to become a member to access the master classes and the virtual meet-up and networking events.


Vegan Business Tribe

This network has been thought to offer support to vegan businesses. For now it includes some news, interviews and forums, but will soon expand by offering a course on how to market your vegan business and a weekly vegan business podcast. You can create an account for free, but in the near future you will need to get a paid membership to access some of its features.


Beyond Animal's homepage
Beyond Animal's homepage

Beyond Animal

On this digital platform, you can enjoy many useful features: create your profile, connect with other businesses, exchange words in groups, find jobs, follow the news, and access some resources.

I have created my profile there and have just started to dive into this platform, but since there are so many features available, I recommend you to do so as well! If you do, feel free to add me to your network 😉




I enjoy receiving websites’ newsletters: you can quickly check the most important news, and directly go to the articles of interest to you.

I also use Google Alert to receive some specific news; personally, I chose to receive a weekly update, but you can make it daily.

On LinkedIn

I like checking news on LinkedIn as well: some website (such as vegconomist) put their content on this platform. I also regularly visit the Vegan Business News page, in which I can find news from websites I don’t usually follow, which is a big plus.

RSS Feeds

Before changing my computer (and having to start using Windows 10), I was monitoring the information with the free software RSSOwl; unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it work on it, so for now I don’t use it anymore. Still, I think news feed aggregators remain the easiest way to stay informed, especially when we don’t have the time to check the websites one by one.

What about you? How do you stay up to date? Do you have any tips on how to handle all of the information we can find on the web? Please share in the comments 😉🌱


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