• Marion Bazzoli

SEO-oriented translation: optimize your keywords in French

French keywords for your translations: your web content optimized for SEO
French keywords for your translations: your web content optimized for SEO

Have you ever wondered if you kept your SEO intact when having your web content translated? Or maybe you never had your English or Italian copy translated in French but are aware of the importance of keywords for an optimized search engine ranking?

SEO and keywords play a crucial role in helping clients and prospects with finding you online. This is why, as a translator, I took a training course, “Rédacteur Web et SEO” (web writer and SEO).

You will now have the possibility to ask for an SEO-oriented translation: I will identify the right keywords for you, to allow you to be more visible to the French market.

How will SEO-oriented translation work?

When we translate, we are not aware of the keywords your clients use to search for your type of products and services. If you do not have an internal SEO-expert who already created a keywords’ file for French, this is where this new service comes in: I will do the work for you and directly implement them in the translations.

Here are the steps we will follow:

a. you send me a list of English or Italian keywords you need the equivalent in French for France

Tip: if you already have content written in French, I can also check the words you used and add the relevant ones to the French keywords list

b. I will find the most suitable equivalents

  • following your translation guide style ̶ if you don’t have any, I can create it for you,

  • using Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends (or any other tool, if you need so!), and

  • taking into account the search volume (highest possible) and the organic competition (lowest possible),

Tip: French people tend to make grammar mistakes when searching online (e.g. they drop off articles: they will write “gilet homme”, not “gilet pour homme”), so keywords will not always be used exactly as they are, according to the type of content

c. I will send you the French keywords, eventually along with any comments or difficulties that occurred.

d. You will either approve these keywords or send me back those that need to be tweaked.

e. When it is all set, these keywords will be included in your bilingual glossary, to use them consistently in all of your French content.

f. Finally, I will do the translations using the approved keywords.

Note that since it is a new service, this process may evolve, according to your needs.

What will keywords optimization do for you?

As with your original copy, the right keywords will bring you more traffic: you will rank higher in search engine results and grow your visibility in the French market. This gives you an edge if you plan on starting selling in France or if you want to grow your audience in the country.

Interested in this new service? Feel free to let me know about it! And if you have further questions, feel free to contact me as well, or to leave a comment below.

On this note, I wish you a wonderful end of the year! I will be on holidays from the December 19 to the January 3. If you contact me during this period, don’t worry: I’ll answer you as soon as I am back at work.

Until then, stay safe! 🌱