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How to cope with Covid-19, today and tomorrow

The world is temporarily closed
How to cope with Covid-19 (photo credit: Edwin Hooper on Unsplash)

In these difficult times, I see companies cope with the situation in different ways.

Since the lockdown has been extended (at least in most European countries) I thought I could give you some advice, according to my personal experience and to some inspirational articles I have read, which I hope will help you (links at the end of the article).

What can you do today?

1. Continue reaching your audience

Your audience still wants to hear from you. Without falling into the pathos trap, you could clearly speak about the current situation and how it affects your company, saying and showing that you are still here for them.

You could keep on speaking about your current products, and about those you initially were to reveal for your spring/summer collection. Would your clients still be interested in buying those? If you can’t have your articles made right now, maybe you could suggest your audience preordering the products, so they can receive their order when the lockdown is over? This would allow you to cope financially with the situation and to remain in your clients’ minds.

Do not forget to be genuinely sincere; they will help you if they can because there is a strong mutual aid spirit going on ̶ something the vegan community already had before this crisis!

2. Give value

Good vibes only
Give value to your audience (photo credit: MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash)

Then, keep on giving them value: in addition to discussing about your current and future products, you could keep your channels lively by offering more general, entertaining and positive content, while staying true to your brand’s spirit. Here are a few ideas:

  • ask questions via polls,

  • ask them to leave a review on your brand,

  • give them advice regarding your products,

  • ask them to take a selfie with their favorite product of yours,

  • ask them what kind of articles they would like to see in the future,

  • create challenges,

  • show pictures of your studio/the view from it,

  • ask what are the 3 first things they will do when the lockdown is over,

  • ask what book they are currently reading, etc.

And if you are not sure what type of content your followers need right now, just ask them! You could do so either directly on a post or with a poll, and offer them a few options.

If you use videos (I am especially thinking about stories on Instagram, but these could also be videos on Youtube or Facebook, even live ones), you could use the ideas we mentioned above.

3. Support other vegan businesses

If you already have collaborations settled (let’s say that you are a shoe brand and have partnerships in place with clothing brands for your photo shoots), you could support them, for instance by mentioning them in your posts. This will allow them to reach a broader audience, and they will for sure return you the favor.

If you don’t have collaborations settled or are thinking about having new ones to cope with the current crisis and bounce back after the situation is over, now is the time to make contacts and see what would be feasible.

2. Prepare for tomorrow

Good news is coming
Prepare for tomorrow (Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

You have probably reviewed the current situation already. Now, with all the elements in mind, you could create a plan.

As mentioned above, this plan could include creating partnerships with other vegan businesses, which would be beneficial to both parties, but also with an influencer. You could also see what you current clients’ expectations are, and make a plan in order to meet them.

It is essential to take into account the current changes your industry faces and predictions for its future. For instance, the fashion industry has recently turned to digital channels to present their new collections. See what would best suit your business for the after Covid-19.

Remember: there will always be opportunities, so if you create a plan, stay in touch with your followers and partners, and keep a positive mindset, you will stack all the odds in your favor, for a brighter future.

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Are you a vegan lifestyle or fashion brand and would like to speak to your French audience or partners during and after this crisis? Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about your needs :-)


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