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Best reads - May 2021

Best reads of May 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Vitolda Klein on Unsplash)
Best reads of May 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Vitolda Klein on Unsplash)

Here is a subjective list of May’s top news and articles about veganism, animals and the environment. Enjoy your reading!

Cocorico! The French F.A.K.E movement (which stands for Fashion for Animal Kingdom and the Environment) launched the F.A.K.E Universe, the first 3D vegan fashion event. https://www.fakemovement.com/virtualpopup

Cocorico! (Yes, again!) The first vegan pharmaceutical is French, and it’s called Veggiepharm. They develop medicines 100% vegan (i.e. animal-free and not tested on animals).

Learn more on this article by vegconomist: https://vegconomist.com/health/70-of-medicines-contain-substances-of-animal-origin-veggiepharm-is-here-to-make-change-happen/

According to the Smart Protein Project, lentils, chickpeas, fava beans and quinoa could be the future of alternative protein in Europe:


And according to a survey on UK and US consumers, cell-based meat will be the future (especially for Gen Z and Millennials):


A new feature from Google Earth: Timelapse, to see the dramatic changes on Earth:


Link to the feature: https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse/

The Conversation deals with plant-based foods and the research to make it taste like meat:


Do you want to know more about alternatives to animal testing? One Green Plant expands on 10 solutions that could be at the same time cheaper, faster, more relevant to humans, and ethical.


Is precision fermentation the future of dairy milk? One thing for sure: with this method, no animals will suffer:


Another article by The Vegan Review on how to brand your vegan business:


A reminder by One Green Planet: how the fast fashion industry destroys the environment:


Green Queen Media wrote about The Future of Food, a workshop on alternative proteins regulations held by the Good Food Institute and the World Health Organization:


And last but not least, the good news of the month: the EU Parliament rejected amendment 171 (as a reminder, the goal was to forbid plant-based milks to be in cartons, use descriptions as “lactose-free alternative to milk”, and so on):


Did you notice any other articles you enjoyed this past month? Feel free to let me know in the comments 🌱🐥🌍


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