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Best reads of the month - March 2021

Best reads of March 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Glen Carrie on Unsplash)
Best reads of March 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Glen Carrie on Unsplash)

Here is a subjective list of March’s top news and articles about veganism, animals and the environment. Enjoy your reading!

A new report makes the link between choosing a plant-based diet and protecting biodiversity:


According to Business Insider, Europe is leading the way in plant-based food innovation:


Earlier in the year, The Vegan Review published an article about what it means to be a vegan, and warns against the research of perfectionism:


The portrait of 5 inspiring female environmental activists:


Veganism is not only about food, but also about travel, and it’s booming!


Garnier products are now certified cruelty-free! But remember: cruelty-free doesn’t mean vegan, and its parent company, L’Oréal, isn’t cruelty-free.


Garnier is actually a proof that the vegan cosmetics market is growing:


A short and sweet article on how EU regulations will still impact the UK after Brexit, with the example of the plant-based dairy censorship legislation:


Stella McCartney created the first clothing in Mylo, the non-leather made from mycelium engineered by Bolt Threads:


2020 was the year of alt-protein; proof is in this article by GFI (the Good Food Institute):


On ProZ.com (a major website for translators), a series of videos and articles put indigenous languages in the spotlight. A goldmine!


Did you notice any other articles you enjoyed this past month? Feel free to let me know in the comments 🌱🐥🌍


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