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Best reads of July + documentary

Vegan lifestyle: best reads of July (Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)
Vegan lifestyle: best reads of July (Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)

Here is a subjective list of this month’s top news and articles on vegan lifestyle. Enjoy your reading!

Luxiders gives its thoughts on the weaknesses and future of Fashion Weeks.


Beyond Meat will open a new facility in the Netherlands and expand in the European market.


European students have developed a 3D technique for printing plant-based alternatives to salmon and tuna and aim to commercialise them.


Identical twins discuss their experiment comparing vegan and omni diets (article + podcast).


The vegan film platform VegMovies, created by Jason Schramm, launched this month.


Vevolution will create a plant-based investment portal, launching this autumn.


What can we do with plants other than food? “Plastic” bottles!


Finally, I recommend you to watch the documentary ENDGAME 2050; here’s the official pitch:

“Humanity has backed itself into an ecological endgame as we approach the year 2050.

Featuring musician Moby along with leading scientists, and created by physician turned environmentalist Sofia Pineda Ochoa, ENDGAME 2050 lays out the existential crises bearing down on the planet and underscores the harsh reality that, unless we take responsibility and act urgently now, we are hastening our own destruction and that of virtually all other life on the planet.”


N.B. I will be on holidays for some time so there won’t be any new article in August. Next post will be the recap of what happened in August in the vegan business world. See you then!


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