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Best reads of the month - February 2021

Best reads of February 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Glen Carrie on Unsplash)
Best reads of February 2021 - Veganism, Animals, Environment (Image courtesy: Glen Carrie on Unsplash)

Here is a subjective list of February’s top news and articles about veganism, animals and the environment. Enjoy your reading!

Debunking the myth about soy and deforestation:


A petition asking the EU to reject a new amendment going against plant-based milk:


On the 12th March 2021, do not forget to attend the Global Forest Summit:


Livekindly wrote an article on mindfulness and sustainability ̶ I had to share this article since I have been practising mindfulness meditation for almost 3 years now!


About vegan certification and the four most frequent ones (tip: in France the #1 is the V-label, and I have personally never seen the Certified Vegan label here!)


An interesting summary of a new study on the psychology of flexitarians VS vegetarians ̶ and the arguments to use to entice them eating plant-based.


Why do people think veganism is expensive? Very good points in this article.


Another excellent article by The Vegan Review, denouncing Nestlé’s marketing tactics.


UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) wrote a report, “Making peace with nature”


On Ecosia’s blog, an article making the connection between the loss of biodiversity and of indigenous languages ̶ and the need, of course, to protect them both.


Did you notice any other articles you enjoyed this past month? Feel free to let me know in the comments 🌱🐥🌍


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