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Best reads of December

Best reads of December 2020 | French Vegan Translator
Best reads of December 2020 | French Vegan Translator

Here is a subjective list of December’s top news and articles for vegan businesses. Enjoy your reading!

E.U. finances the Beefatarian Campaign to promote red meat-eating… appalling!


Elysabeth Alfano, on the urgent need of plant-based co-manufacturing plants.


On Patagonia’s blog, the journalist Elizabeth L. Cline writes extensively about greenwashing. Fashion companies: this article is a gold mine!


Five years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, there is still a long way to go.


The number of vegan shoe brands is increasing: will it become the norm? An article by Amy Buxton, on The Vegan Review.


The kind of comment that makes me ashamed of being French…


An example of greenwashing that also makes me ashamed of being French!


(yes, it is hard to be a vegan in France, let alone a vegan business owner!)

If you are like me and you don’t always have time to listen/read all the interesting vegan business news, you can turn to Elysabeth Alfano’s Plant-based Business Minute. And if you have a bit of spare time, you can also listen to her Plant-based Business Hour podcasts.


Vegan Food and Living re-published their article about remarkable vegan women helping animals.


According to a report by the independent think tank RethinkX, the beef and dairy industries will be bankrupt by 2030 (fingers crossed!).


Finally, Plant-Based News issued its annual film summering what happened in the vegan movement in 2020.


Did you notice any other relevant articles this past month? Feel free to let me know in the comments 🌱


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