Vegan, antispeciesist, environmentalist... and translator

My name is Marion Bazzoli. I am a French translator and a vegan - and the only one specialised in helping plant-based companies enter and thrive on the French market.

After obtaining a Master's degree in translation (my first passion), I had a revelation when seeing my fiancé cooking a chicken escalope: I ate animals! Even though I always said I loved animals and Nature... 

Hence came what is now at the heart of my life: veganism and speak up for the animals and the environment.

So I wondered: how can I have a positive impact, besides adopting a vegan diet? This question led me to offer my translation services to plant-based companies as well as animal rights and environmental organisations.


My goal? Helping you spread veganism and fight for animals' and Mother Nature's rights.

During my spare time, I do pro bono translations, bake cakes and biscuits, meditate and go to the gym. I'm also an avid reader (about all the subjects I just mentioned, plus  collapsology, deep adaptation, psychology…).


My motto? To put my work where my heart is 💚

French Vegan Translator Marion Bazzoli

My career history

Mars - April 2022

MOOC "Act on Climate: Steps to Individual, Community, and Political Action"

April 2021

Deepened my knowledge of SEO translation with the book “SEO translation Bible”, by Maria Scheibengraf

October to December 2020

Training course “Rédaction Web SEO” on keywords and SEO (see the certificate)

April 2020

Started volunteer translation work for Animal Ethics

10th August 2019

Went to the Bare Fashion, an event on vegan fashion, in London

March 2018

I went vegan (and started my main hobby: baking and cooking)

September 2015

Started the collaboration (still undergoing) with the translation agency Intrawelt S.a.s. (see their statement of work)

May - July 2021

Training course "Transcreation essentials", by Nina Sattler-Hovdar

(see the certificate)

March 2021

Started volunteer translation work for Deep Adaptation

September 2020

Started volunteer translation work for Canopée, an environmental organisation

December 2019

I became a member of Vegan France Interpro

September 2018

Started my collaboration (still undergoing) with the translation agency Codex Global (see their statement of work)

March 2016

I became a member of SFT, the French translators’ organisation

7th October 2013

I launched my freelance business after graduating (Master’s degree in translation)

Marion Bazzoli

Feel free to contact me and include the file to translate at



Available from Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 6.30 (GMT +1)

Established as a micro-entreprise in Beauvais, France

SIRET number: 797 722 741 00031

VAT number: FR 46 797 722 741

N'hésitez pas à me contacter en français !

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Member of Vegan France Interpro
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